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When we have more projects on the Beginner Bounties site, we're going to need to have pagination. Your job will be to add pagination using the Pagy gem to both index pages for bounties.

Created by Chris Oliver
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There's currently some Open Graph, but no Twitter Card. Please add a Twitter Card so links on Twitter look great! ✨

Created by Emmanuel Hayford
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Avo is an admin panel framework for Ruby on Rails.
It has a few built-in fields from basic ones like text, select, and progress to complex ones like trix (WYSIWYG), markdown and key_value.
It would be amazing to have a location field too.
The field should take display the map (mapbox, openstreet, or gmaps) on the show view and two inputs (lat & long) on the edit view.
Nice to have:
- select location on a map instead of text fields on edit view
- show a tooltip with the location map on index view

Documentation for custom field creation:
Chat where we can help with navigating the codebase

Created by Adrian Marin
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